About Us

My name's Rachel and I'm a jewellery addict...At each stage of my life, I've had at least one piece which I've worn and worn and which reminds me of special moments and people. The silver ladybird pendant I got when I was a teeny (I still remember buying it at the jewellers); the garnet ring my Granny bought me when I was 14; the Turkish silver ring my parents bought back from a holiday and which had a place on my right hand right through my 20s; the coffee bean necklace my sister bought for my 21st and the silver charm bracelet she bought me for my 30th. Plus the emerald ring my now husband surprised me with one Christmas...

I love the way jewellery can become your signature, your totem. It lasts so long and means so much. I have bracelets and necklaces that belonged to my Great Grannies and which I hope one day to pass down to my daughter.

I set up Goulter-Bennetts to bring affordable, quality jewellery to you and your loved ones. I mostly supply sterling silver and stainless steel jewellery because I want the pieces I bring you to last and I don't want them to turn your skin green. I aim to supply you with jewellery that you'll want to wear and to give - talismans and tokens that you'll wear and wear and which will be remembered for years to come xx



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